Lars Gullin: First Walk


First Walk


Lars Gullin (bass clarinet)


Sideman 1949-52, Vol. 6 (Dragon Records DRCD-391)

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Lars Gullin (bass clarinet),

Leppe Sundevall (tenor horn), Ĺke Persson (trombone), Putte Wickman (clarinet, leader), Gösta Theselius (piano), Yngve Ĺkerberg (bass), Jack Norén (drums)


Composed by Lars Gullin


Recorded: Stockholm, Sweden, October 17, 1951


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

This was the first of the "folk-inspired" compositions that Lars Gullin wrote, and notably where he says his major breakthrough as a writer occurred. His goal, oddly enough, was to write a tone poem depicting a child's first steps. When you listen to this innocent tune, you might notice Gullin tacks on and removes measures within the unfamiliar formal scheme, to great effect. Outside of Sweden, numerous critics took notice of Gullin's unique compositional voice, and he earned praise from Downbeat in 1954 as the Best New Artist on baritone saxophone. On "First Walk," however, the composer is heard anchoring the horns on bass clarinet.

Reviewer: David Tenenholtz

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