Lars Gullin: Silhouette




Lars Gullin (baritone sax)


Silhouette 1951-53, Vol. 7 (Dragon Records DRCD-395)

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Lars Gullin (baritone sax),

Weine Renliden (trumpet), ┼ke Persson (trombone), ┼ke Bj÷rkman (French horn), Arne DomnÚrus (alto sax), Gunnar Svensson (piano), Yngve ┼kerberg (bass), Jack NorÚn (drums)


Recorded: Stockholm, Sweden, December 15, 1952


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Working in Stockholm as a member of the house band at the popular dance hall Nalen (The National), Lars Gullin was often able to flex his compositional muscles with requests for new material. Although this tune features a slow, danceable melody, the arrangement here wildly departs with an abstraction of pedal points led by the piano, while Gullin solos imaginatively and gracefully. As Gullin progressed in the early 1950s, his command of the "Cool" sound begun by the Miles Davis Nonet made the baritone saxophonist the recipient of many ovations from American and British jazz fans. Unfortunately, the crushing effects of heroin addiction made his career sputter over the next two decades, and the activity that he enjoyed during this formative, lively period of his life was less frequent after the later 1950s.

Reviewer: David Tenenholtz

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