Roch Lockyer: Monk's House


Monk's House


Roch Lockyer (guitar)



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Roch Lockyer (guitar),

Ron Miles (trumpet), Adams Collins (vibes), Jean Luc Davis (bass), Josh Moore (drums)


Composed by Roch Lockyer


Recorded: Denver, Colorado, November 23, 2008


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

For his first CD, Nondirectional, Denver-area guitarist Roch Lockyer wanted his music to "reflect my respect for all whose shoulders I stand on." Obviously for "Monk's House," he's standing on the broad artistic shoulders of Thelonious Monk. In the song's opening statement, which vaguely evokes "Well You Needn't," Lockyer successfully transfers Monk's disjointed, angular style to his guitar. After settling into a more conventional bop vibe when trumpeter Ron Miles plays, Lockyer returns to model his solo after Monk's predilection for thick comping chords with a hint of atonality, prickly trips up and down the scales, and other unconventional tricks. He also throws in a few quick octaves for good measure. The guitarist skillfully conjures up the old ghost while maintaining a distinct character of his own. After all, a piece is not truly Monk-like unless it's a little off-kilter, in a charming but imaginative way. "Monk's House" fits the bill.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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