Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica Cittą Di Verona: African Mood


African Mood


Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica Cittą Di Verona


Restless Spirits: The Music of Roberto Magris (Velut Luna CVLD175)

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Roberto Magris (piano),

Sbibu (percussion), Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica Cittą Di Verona conducted by Marco Pasetto


Composed by Roberto Magris


Recorded: Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy, September 28, 2008


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Prolific Italian jazz pianist and composer Roberto Magris now has such an impressive catalog that the Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica Cittą Di Verona has seen fit to present some of it under the conductorship of Marco Pasetto. There is no doubt that, although Magris is a great admirer of the American jazz tradition, his fame is almost entirely found in Europe. But as more international listeners discover his talent, his name will surely become better known in modern jazz circles worldwide. Projects such as this one could help that happen.

Magris's melodies and motifs are well suited for the big band sound. (And this band is BIG! At times it has close to 50 musicians.) Nor does it hurt if you invite the honored guest to take part in the performance. "African Mood" is every bit of its title. Rhythmic handclapping and guttural native calls set the mood for our adventure. The full big band sound gives great power to the African rhythms put forth by the band's percussion unit and guest star Sbibu. The horns provide a rhythmic counter, bassline and melodic theme all at once. In the middle of the African jungle, Magris takes a solo turn that contains as much urgency as Tarzan's yell. This cat can play! The band can play too. This is vine-swinging music that is sure to scare off the bad guys and attract all the cool animals from miles around.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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