Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell: Bound




Muhal Richard Abrams (percussion), George Lewis (trombone, laptop), and Roscoe Mitchell (soprano sax)


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Muhal Richard Abrams (percussion), George Lewis (trombone, laptop), Roscoe Mitchell (soprano sax).

Composed by Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, and Roscoe Mitchell


Recorded: January 8 or 9, 2005


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

This 11-minute electro-acoustic improvisation is dominated by George Lewis's laptop. Whether it's generating its own sounds or processing Roscoe Mitchell's determinedly tentative peeps and whorls is unclear (Abrams's role is similarly obscure). In any case, the computer establishes the music's nearly static, slowly evolving character. The resultant, mostly high-pitched drone eschews anything resembling melody. Harmonic and rhythmic development are likewise incidental. As is often the case in electro-acoustic improvisation, there is very little give-and-take among the participants. The acoustic musicians take what the computer gives; they do with it what they can. It makes for music that's moderately interesting in a goatee-stroking way, but it's nowhere near as compelling as the music these men make with Lewis on trombone.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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