Julian Lage: Familiar Posture


Familiar Posture


Julian Lage (guitar)


Sounding Point (Emarcy 12666)

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Julian Lage (guitar).

Composed by Julian Lage


Recorded: New York, June 16, 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Julian Lage, now in his early twenties, must shake off his child prodigy reputation. But he is still a prodigy, albeit a grown-up one, as his debut CD on the Emarcy label demonstrates. His technical command of the guitar is striking, but I am even more impressed by the poise of this young artist, who could easily dazzle us with empty pyrotechnics but prefers to focus intensely on the musicality of the performance at hand. Instead of the standard fast single note lines of the reigning guitar deities, Lage has an expansive concept of his instrument, adopting classical and chamber music techniques or elements of soundtrack, ambient and folk stylings. He merges all of these disparate sources of influence with his personal jazz sensibility, and the end result does not sound stitched together, as is often the case with the young eclectics of jazz. This solo piece could well be written out and studied as a guitar etude, but still retains the impetuousness of an improvised work. One needs to be wary of making grand prognostications about an artist still at such an early age who has only released a single CD as a leader, but Lage strikes me as having the potential to be one of the leading guitarists of his generation. I will be very interested to see how he develops over the next several years.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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