Michel Sajrawy: Pink Inside


Pink Inside


Michel Sajrawy (electric guitar)


Writings on the Wall (Ozella OZ 016 CD)

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Michel Sajrawy (electric guitar),

Franck Dhersin (piano), Valeri Lipets (contra bass), Ameen Atrash (drums)


Composed by Michel Sajrawy


Recorded: April 19-20, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The talented Palestinian guitarist from Nazareth Michel Sajrawy distinguishes himself with a warm tone, fluid and supple single-line runs, and string bending to accomplish quarter-tone steps. It all jells to create a pleasingly lilting sound. He also meshes fusion-ish jazz with Makamat (the world music of the Arabic Middle East) by combining the basic song structures of the American style with the harmony of his native region.

"Pink Inside" is a Yankee waltz that Sajrawy constructed with sensitivity, matching its delicate melody to the light gait of the 3/4 time. Having accomplished that with a subtle mixture of Arabic chords and jazz ones, the guitarist uses cascading string bends and precise note selection to bring out the song's full potential. Another mark of a mature, confident player is the just-right way he paces himself by modulating the speed of his notes. The backing band's strong support is highlighted by Atrash's active brushwork and Dhersin's nicely complementary piano solo.

"Pink Inside" presents Michel Sajrawy as a guitarist and composer of great acumen who perfectly balances a deep understanding of American jazz with a great respect for his Middle Eastern heritage.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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  • 1 Nicola Margiyeh // Mar 25, 2009 at 10:54 AM
    I know Michel very personally , and i had the opportunity to play with him , oud and guitar , and share together the marvelous of oriental musical structures (maqams) . he's a great musician and player , very sensitive ,his playing is very pure , and he has a very expanded immagination , he'll be blessed . Nicola Margiyeh