Radam Schwartz: Grieve But Be Brief


Grieve But Be Brief


Radam Schwartz (organ)


Blues Citizens (Savant Records 2087)

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Radam Schwartz (organ), Bruce Williams (alto sax).

Composed by Radam Schwartz


Recorded: Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ, May 2006


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

In this soulful blues song that sounds like it could be the mood setter for a particularly poignant scene from a movie or particularly maudlin soap opera, we find a particularly sympathetic symbiosis between Williams and Schwartz at work.

Williams has a soulful sound on his alto that ekes out sadness and sorrow to perfection with a tone that reminds me of Cannonball, an influence no doubt. Schwartz manipulates the sound of his organ to match Williamsí evocative mood. Together the two have created an unusually simple but potent communication between them. They tell a story of grief and expression but end on hope and donít allow the piece to extend itself into melancholy. Schwartz dances with his right hand while sustaining with his left to wring out the required effect. It is a testament to these two musicians that in this minimalist format they can deliver such a strong emotionally charged performance. With the exception of an overreaching flourish by Williams toward the end that just barely misses the mark, this is a testament to the theory that sometimes less is more.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello


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