Scott Reeves: Incandescence




Scott Reeves (alto flugelhorn, alto valve trombone)


Shape Shifter: Live At Cecil's (Miles High Record 8607)

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Scott Reeves (alto flugelhorn, alto valve trombone),

Rich Perry (tenor saxophone), Jim Ridl (piano), Mike McGuirk (bass), Andy Watson (drums)


Composed by Scott Reeves


Recorded: Cecilís Jazz Club, West Orange, N.J. March 14 & 15th 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Scott Reeves is an educator and a bit of a pioneer. According to his album notes, he designed the alto valve trombone by taking a standard valve trombone and cutting off one-third of the tubing! On "Incandescence" Scott creates a moody, impressionistic sound using the lower register of his modified instrument.

With the rhythmic palette established by the repetitive piano lines of the lyrical Ridl on piano, Reeves is allowed the license to splash his tonal colors on this slowly developing theme. Joined by Perry on tenor the two seamlessly combine in a dual horn statement that establishes the pensive mood. A short but probing bass solo by McGuirk also adds another color to the canvas. Watsonís cymbals are barely heard keeping time and rightly so. Ridlís wistful piano is delicate and sensitive. It is Reeves and Perry that gingerly pass tonal ideas between each other in a beautiful dance-like fashion that is the equivalent of two familiar ballet partners anticipating each others moves.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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