Laura Klein & Ted Wolff: In A Grain Of Sand


In A Grain Of Sand


Laura Klein (piano) and Ted Wolff (vibes)


Cerulean Blue (Auraline Music 1001)

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Laura Klein (piano), Ted Wolff (vibes).

Composed by Laura Klein


Recorded: Auraline Studio, Berkeley, CA May 25-26th and July 24th , 2008


Rating: 77/100 (learn more)

Cerulean Blue is a pigment which, according to Wikipedia “is particularly valuable for artistic painting of skies because of its purity of blue.” On this album, Berklee teaching alumni Laura Klein and Ted Wolff tastefully combine to paint the sky blue with the unique voicing of their respective instruments. Their interplay is inspired by the collaborations of Gary Burton and Chick Corea which produced the beautifully transcendent “Crystal Silence”. While the playing of Klein and Wolff do not approach the symbiosis and delicate floating quality that was achieved by Burton and Corea, they do achieve a multi-hued palette of tonal qualities that is enjoyable to the ear.

On Klein’s composition “In A Grain of Sand”, the melody is captured most prominently by Wolff”s deeply resonant sound, which is excellently balanced by Klein’s fanciful playing. The two have a musical conversation that is complimentary and relaxed. For the most part they stay within a well-designed and well-executed comfort zone that doesn’t venture too far from the melody. Klein is prone to fill her playing with fluttering trills that give the song an overly flowery feel. Wolff has captured a flowing, tonally full sound on his instrument that has a staying presence. Together they do at times produce tonally rich music. Unfortunately like so many peaceful skyscapes the colors are vibrant, but without the electricity of a good storm, it’s just another pleasant painting on the wall.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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