Brian Patneaude: Riverview




Brian Patneaude (tenor sax)


Riverview (Wepa 0209)

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Brian Patneaude (tenor sax), Mike Moreno (guitar), Jesse Chandler (organ), Danny Whelchel (drums).

Composed by Brian Patneaude


Recorded: Delmar, NY, September 23, 2008


Rating: 83/100 (learn more)

Looking at the instrumentation—tenor sax, guitar, organ, and drums—one might expect Brian Patneaude's music to be a chip off the Blue Note block, circa 1963. But "Riverview" has little in common with the soul jazz aesthetic once defined by that label's stellar tenor/organ team of Stanley Turrentine and Shirley Scott. The lead cut and title track of this upstate New York tenorist's latest album is a light, fusion-oriented effort. It's not smooth jazz, exactly, but more like the best pop jazz of a couple of decades ago. Like the cream of those '70s and '80s funk-jazz artists, Patneaude endows his groove with hip harmonies and mildly surprising formal elements. He plays tenor with an attractive, lightly inflected tone and a lack of guile; he largely prefers the straightforward to the melodically obscure. Guitarist Mike Moreno is a similarly direct, unaffected player. Moreno and organist Jesse Chandler do a fine job of filling their own respective spaces without stepping on each other's toes. The record benefits from a relatively spare production style, which does much to separate Patneaude from the Richard Elliots and Kenny Gorelicks of the world.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey


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