Linda Presgrave: Bird of Céret


Bird of Céret


Linda Presgrave (piano)


Inspiration (Metropolitan MR1129)

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Linda Presgrave (piano), Harvie S (bass),

Stan Chovnick (soprano sax), Allison Miller (drums)


Composed by Linda Presgrave


Recorded: New York, March 18-19, 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Although referring to a town in southern France, "Bird of Céret" is essentially Brazilian in style. The melodic line vaguely resembles "Night And Day" but has a brighter, relaxed feel of a peaceful morning to it. Stan Chovnick's soprano sax takes on the role of the bird that inspired this song, mimicking syncopated birdcalls exchanged with his wife, Linda Presgrave. While Presgrave takes command with a solo bursting with loosely played block chords, drummer Allison Miller's loping bossa nova beat gets more assertive. Chovnick returns with an inspired solo of his own, adapting the soprano to the cadence and phrasing of a fine feathered friend. With its serene, easygoing mood, this song inspired in the South of France can take listeners on a European holiday – in spirit, anyway.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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