Zaid Nasser: You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To


You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To


Zaid Nasser (alto sax)


Off Minor (Smalls SRC00039)

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Zaid Nasser (alto sax), Sacha Perry (piano), Ari Roland (bass), Phil Stewart (drums).

Composed by Cole Porter


Recorded: New York, July 22, 2008


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

Like many if not most of the artists identified with the New York nightclub Smalls and its affiliated record label, Zaid Nasser is a solid, unpretentious latter-day bebopper of the type who seems to have learned his craft by careful listening and practical application ... not from the pages of a jazz method book. Cole Porter's "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" seems to attract alto players. It's been a part of Lee Konitz's repertoire for ages, and Art Pepper recorded a masterful version with Miles's rhythm section, to name two examples. Nasser takes a gritty approach to the tune. His sound is hard and almost uninflected, his articulations slight, his phrasing pleasantly unpredictable. He's somewhat reminiscent of a young Jackie McLean. He seems to possess McLean's guilelessness, if not the same levels of chops and intensity. Pianist Sacha Perry is very much the same type of player—he speaks bebop like he learned it at the feet of a master. Bassist Ari Roland takes an excellent, limber arco solo that's notable for a lack of ponderousness (hurray for that!), and drummer Phil makes tasteful, swinging contributions. It's difficult if not impossible for contemporary players to put a stamp on a tune as familiar as this. While there's certainly nothing indelible about this performance, its modest charms are enjoyable enough. Its utter lack of affectation cures most of its ills.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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