Barney Bigard & Art Hodes: Bucket's Got A Hole In It


Bucket's Got A Hole In It


Barney Bigard (clarinet, vocals) and Art Hodes (piano)


Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Delmark 211)

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Barney Bigard (clarinet, vocals), Art Hodes (piano), George Brunies (trombone),

Nap Trottier (trumpet), Rail Wilson (bass), Barrett Deems (drums)


Traditional composition


Recorded: Chicago, January 30, 1968


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

This is the first track on the excellent album from Delmark (Bob Koester's significant independent Chicago record company for over 50 years) featuring clarinet great Barney Bigard and the fine Chicago-based jazz pianist Art Hodes, who had a special feel for the blues.

"Bucket's Got A Whole In It" is a traditional tune that was widely heard in New Orleans in jazz's early years. The song gets a zesty, beautifully played revival in the hands of Bigard and Hodes, with trombone legend George Brunies and Nap Trottier on trumpet making superb lead-line additions. Hodes opens things on piano with wonderful verve and dynamics, leading to the full band playing the finest updated-and- refreshed classic ol' New Orleans-style ensemble jazz, each instrument contributing to the marvelous mosaic. Bigard sings the pure fun/let's party lyrics like one who knows where this song originally came from and feels it. And after the first singing run, Bigard treats us to a beaut of a clarinet solo with flair, using all his unparalleled rich tone, inventive lines, and stylistic techniques. Following more lyrics, Trottier blows some gorgeous, ringing trumpet lines in perfect complement to the character of the tune, with Brunies adding some fine tailgate trombone work. Then the full band turns it up a notch further, romping through the rest of the tune with great momentum.

Listening to this track, preferably with the volume turned up, I don't see how anyone could resist walkin' along with a big smile and snapping their fingers in time. This is hugely enjoyable pure jazz.

Reviewer: Dean Alger

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