Roch Lockyer: Major Transitions (a life)


Major Transitions (a life)


Roch Lockyer (guitar)



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Roch Lockyer (guitar), Art Lande (piano, finger harp, vibes),

Bijoux Barbosa (bass), Mike Marlier (drums)


Composed by Roch Lockyer


Recorded: Denver, Colorado, November 23, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

This is the first cut on guitarist Roch Lockyer's Nondirectional. Pianist Art Lande, whom Lockyer cites as a major influence, opens with a spatial piano and finger harp. Lockyer enters with some nice jazz chords and a series of catchy skittering riffs executed at breakneck speed, forming an impressive display. Bassist Bijoux Barbosa and drummer Mike Marlier provide a slight funk-leaning support for Lande's blues-tinged solo. Barbosa then takes his own turn. He is quite nimble and inventive. Lockyer can play the guitar. His tone is set so that even the notes he plays at the bottom of the neck sound like they are coming from the lower register. After his solo, he and Lande communicate using the least possible notes in an unusually entertaining call and response. This major transition then fades away, making room for the next. This is intricate music performed with an ease that disguises its difficulty.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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