Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb: Re: Frayne


Re: Frayne


Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb


Stickadiboom (Zoho 200903)

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Steve Haines (bass), Rob Smith (trumpet), David Lown (tenor sax), Chip Crawford (piano),

Thomas Taylor (drums)


Composed by Steve Haines


Recorded: New York, November 6 or 7, 2007


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

The opening of bassist Steve Haines's rubato ballad "Re: Frayne" strongly resembles Charlie Haden's composition "Silence," a tune Haden has recorded several times since its debut on his 1979 album Magico (ECM) with a trio that also included Jan Garbarek and Egberto Gismonti. Haines's direct and relatively unadorned melody statement and solo seem to reflect a Haden influence, as well. Haines is accompanied by pianist Chip Crawford, who plays the sparsely voiced chords in a simple harmonic rhythm. Drummer Thomas Taylor enters a couple of minutes in, adding a subtle percussive impetus. The bass solo gives way to a harmonically ambiguous free-time section, featuring David Lown on tenor sax playing in the manner of John Coltrane, circa 1961. A nearly silent piano episode follows, wherein Chip Crawford plucks notes one at a time. Another free-time collective—this time featuring soprano saxophonist Rob Smith—leads into a brief recap of the opening section. Taylor distinguishes himself, and the other players are very capable. A solid performance in a tried-and-true bag.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey


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