Jessica Lurie: Grinch




Jessica Lurie (alto and tenor sax, flute, accordion, baritone ukulele)


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Jessica Lurie (alto and tenor sax, flute, accordion, baritone ukulele), Erik Deutsch (piano, electric keyboard, Rhodes), Brandon Seabrook (guitar, banjo, tape recorder), Todd Sickafoose (acoustic bass), Allison Miller (drums), Elizabeth Pupo-Walker (percussion).

Composed by Jessica Lurie


Recorded: Eastside Sound, New York, Released in 2009


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

At first, “Grinch” seems like it might want to be a samba. The bass line is certainly slinky enough. But then a decidedly middle eastern vibe and theme moves in...and then some weirdo taped sounds...and finally, a flute. Lurie switches to the flute as the rest of the band thickens and expands the groove. The combination of Todd Sickafoose on bass and Allison Miller on drums can't be beat as they are monsters of the sway.

As usual, the attempt to connect a label to the music is a waste of precious energy. Just sit back (or, if you prefer, jump up on the coffee table) and enjoy the relentless groove.

Wait, did the Grinch know how to groove?

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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