Bill Dixon: A Song For Claudia's Children


A Song For Claudia's Children


Bill Dixon (piano)


Thoughts (Soul Note SN 1111)

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Bill Dixon (piano), Marco Eneidi (alto sax), John Buckingham (tuba), Peter Kowald (bass), William Parker (bass), Mario Pavone (bass), Lawrence Cook (drums).

Composed by Bill Dixon


Recorded: Bennington, VT, May 16, 1985


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Bill Dixon exchanges his trumpet for piano on this track, a mysterious tempest of low sounds beneath Marco Eneidi's keening alto saxophone. As is common with Dixon, the ratio of composed-to-improvised material is difficult to pin down. A diffident, non-tonal melody played and repeated by Eneidi forms the tune's backbone, as the bassists and Dixon improvise a roiling commentary. The recording quality is distant and murky—purposely so, one imagines, as a means to exaggerate the effect had on the music by the use of multiple basses. It's a strikingly inventive and gutsy aesthetic choice. Dixon's not nearly as interesting a pianist as he is a trumpeter, but his contribution works well in this context. Eneidi is very fine—an underrated and wonderful saxophonist, then as now.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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