Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber: Love to Tical


Love To Tical


Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber


Making Love to the Dark Ages (Live Wire Music LWM1002)

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Vernon Reid (guitar), Ben Tyree (guitar), Swiss Chris (drums),

Lisala (vocals), Abby Dobson (vocals), Karma Johnson (vocals), Latasha Natasha Nevada Diggs (elec. vocals), Lewis ‘Flip’ Barnes, Jr. (trumpet), Michael Veal (soprano saxophone, slap electric bass), Avram Fefer (bass clarinet), ‘Moist’ Paula Henderson (baritone saxophone), David Smith (trombone), Jared Michael Nickerson (bass), Trevor Holder (drums), Gregory S. Tate (laptop)


Composed by Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber


Recorded: Brooklyn NY, January 6th-April 27th-June 1st-October 26th-November 2nd-November 9th, 2008


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Listening to “Love To Tical” is like listening to hip-hop funk with serious big band orchestration bleed-through; one couldn’t be certain if they were listening to two radio stations closely positioned on the dial. As the R&B female vocalese fades in and out of focus, Veal improvises with his soprano sax, but the room soon gets very crowded with the introduction of waves of horns. Reid (of Living Colour fame) temporarily sweeps them aside with his familiar heavy metal ministrations. Throughout it all, a danceable bass/drums vamp remains the only constant.

This mess of swirling motifs improvised under the direction of the bandleader---or more appropriately, ringleader---Gregory S. Tate brings together the cosmic large band cauldron of that other Arkestra with the rowdy, street sensibilities of P-Funk. While that can be a hit-or-miss proposition when it’s done on the fly, “Love To Tical” mostly hits its target.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


  • 1 Charles Blass // Apr 22, 2009 at 09:38 PM
    hi, the album is worth checking as well - broad range of jazz, funk, electronic, soul, blues. label name is LIVEWIRED MUSIC - peace, cb