Jake Hertzog: Bonding




Jake Hertzog (guitar)


Chromatosphere (That’s Out Records TOR001)

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Jake Hertzog (guitar), Harvie S (bass), Victor Jones (drums).

Composed by Jake Hertzog


Recorded: West Orange NJ, October 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

“Bonding” employs a conventional guitar-acoustic bass-drums trio and even begins with a Thelonious Monk inspired passage, but it’s anything but a conventional bop song. As Hertzog’s intricate composition unfolds, it moves quickly from the Monk impressions to mysterious, ascending chords to out-and-out rock, and back again. Somehow, it all fits together well.

Amply supported by a muscular and flexible rhythm section, Hertzog’s licks show the harmonic sophistication of a jazzman while staying rooted in the blues, the same deadly combination that makes guitar god Eric Johnson stand out. Too often you see rock-jazz fusion attempted by musicians who only understand one half of the equation. Jake Hertzog knows it from both ends, and puts his well-rounded know-how to good use in “Bonding.”

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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