Dexter Gordon: I've Found A New Baby


I’ve Found a New Baby


Dexter Gordon (tenor sax)


Young Dex 1941-1944 (Masters of Jazz MJCD 112)

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Dexter Gordon (tenor sax), Harry "Sweets" Edison (trumpet), Nat 'King' Cole (piano),

or Johnny Miller (bass); Clifford “Juicy” Owens (drums)


Composed by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams


Recorded: Los Angeles, Late 1943.


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

“I’ve Found a New Baby” is the first track listed on the first Dexter Gordon-led recording session in late 1943. Situated in time after Gordon’s period with Lionel Hampton and before his big band work with Louis Armstrong and early bop work with Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charlie Parker, these recordings present a young Pres disciple bursting at the seams with bouncy accents and sweet, bluesy lines. His entire solo here, but especially his first few phrases, are as cool as it gets—chock full of those dominating sixths and ninths that ruled the Pres-to-Bird era of harmonic development. This performance also proves that, aside from the overwhelming Pres influence, Gordon was also flirting with an earthy, aggressive tone that seemed part reminiscent of Coleman Hawkins and Illinois Jacquet, the latter being Gordon’s tenor partner in Lionel Hampton’s group. While there are a few hints of some rhythmically investigational playing here, Gordon is never one to push too far too fast, making “I’ve Found a New Baby” the prime example of swing-era trained musician developing the proper tools to make bop headway in the near future.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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