Joe Henderson: Lazy Afternoon


Lazy Afternoon


Joe Henderson (tenor sax)


Power To The People (Fantasy 30130)

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Joe Henderson (tenor sax), Mike Lawrence (trumpet), Herbie Hancock (piano, keyboards), Ron Carter (bass), Tony Williams (drums).

Composed by Joe Henderson


Recorded: New York City, May 29, 1969


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

Joe Henderson's "Lazy Afternoon" sounds like it was recorded on an afternoon of intense, not-so-lazily conceived improvisation, because, while the rhythm section churns out a somewhat laid-back chord progression with a relaxed tempo as its platform, Henderson's sax playing is just as active as it is on most of the cuts on Power to the People-meaning that his lead lines are aimed at playing around the chords instead of with them. Most of what you'll hear on the track is basic, but the soloing is conceived without boundaries in mind. As Henderson slices and dices at the chart borders, the routine jazz performed by the others becomes somewhat mundane as it fails to ever gain momentum. The musical form never changes, and while, in the case of Miles Davis, the approach more often than not leads to musical euphoria, here, it merely provides a platform for Henderson's soloing. Of benefit is the track's brief running time, because, even though Henderson himself is playing well, the collective never does anything interesting that would allow this cut to stand out amidst the rest of its respective album.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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