Kurt Rosenwinkel: Flute




Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar)


The Remedy-Live at the Village Vanguard (ArtistShare)

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Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar), Mark Turner (tenor sax), Aaron Goldberg (piano), Joe Martin (bass), Eric Harland (drums).

Composed by Kurt Rosenwinkel


Recorded: New York, NY, January 2006


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This track from Kurt Rosenwinkel’s latest CD refers to the Japanese Shakuhachi flute traditionally associated with Zen Buddhist meditation. The serene melody Rosenwinkel penned (along with Eric Harland's cymbal textures) creates a reflective atmosphere and conjures up a certain eastern vibe which demonstrates two important aspects of improvisation. First, the idea of tension and release. As the melody concludes, pianist Aaron Goldberg begins his solo over a vamp which, unlike the melody, brings a stark tension and energy, so that when Mark Turner enters with a riveting sax solo performed over the original melody, a dramatic release occurs. The solo sections and melody create the wonderful yin and yang relationship - but they also represent the second aspect. That is, no matter how crazy it gets during an improvisaion, it is the soloist's duty to retain the spirit of the original melody-which is achieved in a transcendental manner here.

Reviewer: Dane Orr


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