Robby Marshall Electric Band: Loft Scene


Loft Scene


Robby Marshall Electric Band


Los Angeles Jazz Collective Sampler (LAJC no catalog number)

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Robby Marshall (saxophones),

Romain Collin (keyboards), Andrew McKay (guitar), Danny McKay (bass), Luis Cole (drums)


Composed by Robby Marshall


Recorded: Los Angeles, 2008?


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The Los Angeles Jazz Collective is a group of musicians working to build a stronger jazz community, promote greater public awareness and generate better appreciation for improvisational music in the Los Angeles area. Their recently released sampler album, featuring many of their creative artists includes some very interesting music and is a testament to the successful efforts of the Jazz Collective.

Collective member Robby Marshall is a young saxophonist/arranger whose song “Loft Scene” particularly caught my ear. Marshall is a versatile musician who can be found at local haunts with “genre bending” electric bands or playing with a smooth Getzian tone behind pop singer Michael Bublé. On “Loft Scene”, an infectious bass line lays out the groove and sets the backdrop for Marshall’s jam-band like, electronically enhanced saxophone. Some tasteful Dick Dale inspired guitar accents by Andrew McKay along with some electronic looping effects add unusual but potent elements of interest to the piece. At the break, drummer Cole changes time signatures and plays in a way reminiscent of the quirky but interesting 1990’s band Soul Coughing. Marshall shows an uncanny ability to color his compositions by using unusual pairings of musical sounds to great effect. His electric band has created a short but memorable crossbreed, a “genre bender” of sorts that successfully brings together elements of alternative rock; jam band jazz and electronica into a neat and effective statement.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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