Tom Hamilton and Bruce Eisenbeil: Dryer Mouth


Dryer Mouth


Tom Hamilton (Nord modular synthesizer) and Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar)


Shadow Machine (Pogus 21051-2)

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Tom Hamilton (Nord modular synthesizer), Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar).

Composed by Tom Hamilton & Bruce Eisenbeil


Recorded: New York City, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

The master at creating strange and wonderfully unconventional timbres from his guitar teams up with a longtime champion of electronic music improvisations. “Dryer Mouth” is not just completely improvisational, it’s completely instinctive, too, as the two protagonists move randomly from one found tone to another. Hamilton’s mono synthesizer emits highly pitched notes for impossibly long intervals, while Eisenbeil scribbles frantic notes like the hurried writing of a magic marker on a whiteboard. Other weird sounds he coaxes from the upper register at times are nearly indistinguishable from Hamilton’s.

Eisenbeil’s scraping and skittering against the backwash of Hamilton’s ear-piercing (or mind expanding, as I prefer to call it) analog-generated sine wave tweets builds upon Otomo Yoshihide’s brand of electronic experimentation, and takes it further out.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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