Tierney Sutton: Sometime Ago


Sometime Ago


Tierney Sutton (vocals)


Blue In Green (Telarc 83522)

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Tierney Sutton (vocals),

Trey Henry, Ken Wild (basses), Ray Brinker (drums)


Composed by Sergei Mihanovich


Recorded: Los Angeles; November 14-16, 2000


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Tierney Sutton’s style pairs a cool vocal sound with an adventurous musical spirit, and she collaborates with her band to develop new approaches to classic songs. This recording of “Sometime Ago” comes from her CD tribute to Bill Evans, and features the unusual instrumentation of 2 basses and percussion. A pervasive bass figure in 6/8 time dominates the performance, while Brinker taps a Latin dance rhythm with his brushes on some sort of hard surface. While many vocalists would attempt to break out of such a tightly-woven background, Sutton works within it, becoming part of the band instead of the vocalist up front. The background figure continues through the solos by one of the basses and Sutton. Her scat solo sounds like a continuation of what has come before, and indeed, it would sound perfectly idiomatic on a bass. Only in the final chorus does Sutton start to break away from the pervasive rhythm, and then there is a subtle give-and-take between her rhythmic play and the bass ostinato.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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