Tom Knific: Home Bass


Home Bass


Tom Knific (bass)


Lines of Influence (Azica AJD-72240)

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Tom Knific (bass),

Keith Hall (drums), Chris Beckstrom (tenor saxophone), John Knific (piano), Ryan Adams (percussion)


Composed by Tom Knific


Recorded: December 20, 2007


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

With the catchy title by the band’s leader, who begins the songs with a catchy riff in tandem with Hall, “Home Bass” has all the appearances of being a song-long exhibition of bass wankery. Thankfully, though, Knific has composing skills to show off to go along with his chops. The memorable, ascending theme comes crashing in with the rest of the band more than a minute in. Beckstrom is soon afterwards launching into a saucy and reedy solo, and upon closer listen, one find that Knific and Beckstrom are back playing that funky riff at the intro. Only this time, Knific is playing with an ear on Beckstrom and Hall is crashing about with increased vigor. The other Knific, Chris, then gets his turn riding that riff. He takes advantage of it using a strident, two-handed approach that brings the Latin element already present in the song into sharper focus.

“Home Bass” does a pretty good job showing off the synergistic abilities of Knific’s quartet, which starts with a muscular rhythm section.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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