Antfarm Quartet: Centerpiece




Antfarm Quartet


Dialogues, Pt 2 (Dreambox 1057)

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Paul Jost (vocal, harmonica), Jim Ridl (piano), Tim Lekan (bass), Bob Shomo (drums)


Composed by Harry Edison. Lyrics by Jon Hendricks


Recorded: Spring House, PA, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Rarely does a new jazz vocalist inspire me to open a bottle of wine. Grab your corkscrew. Paul Jost is a genuine vocal musician, and the Antfarm Quartet is as cool as the object with which it shares its name. Jost began as a drummer, and added songwriting, and harmonica to his list. With a smoky, tannin-tinged voice, and the soul of an improviser, he brings bouquet and finesse to this hip, blues-fringed arrangement. This piquant quartet is swinginí, complex, noble, and memorable; in with an aromatic vamp, velvety vocal, harmonica for body, then Ridl and Lekanís luscious solos, replete with the personality I look for. Jostís ascending line is an elegant finish. The entire CD conveys depth, character, and brilliance; one of the years best in my cellar.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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