Claudia Acuña: El Cigarrito


El Cigarrito


Claudia Acuna (vocals)


En Este Momento (Marsalis Music 74946)

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Claudia Acuna (vocals), Jason Lindner (piano),

Juancho Herrera (guitar), Omer Avital (bass), Clarence Penn (drums, percussion)


Composed by Victor Jara


Recorded: Shokan, NY, September 4-7, 2007


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

In a better world, where radio stations hadn't been dumbed down to nincompoop levels, this song would be getting significant airplay. Acuña takes an old Victor Jara song, which that master of the Nueva Canción Chilena had performed as plaintive folk music, and gives it a kick in the pantaloons. The band coalesces around Acuña's spirited vocal, and the sudden drop in volume from the hot guitar solo to the jaunty bass dialogue with staccato piano chords is one more strong hook in a performance that has as many as a fly fisherman on a two week holiday. When the vocalist returns, she will leave you breathless by moving from understated cooing to a big grooving finale in about fifteen seconds. Everything here is smartly conceived and wonderfully executed. If for some reason you think that you can't be a big league jazz vocalist and sing in Spanish, you need to check out this track and, in fact, the whole En Este Momento CD.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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