Keith Jarrett: Bridge of Light for Viola & Orchestra


Bridge of Light for Viola and Orchestra


Keith Jarrett (composer)


Bridge of Light (ECM 1450)

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Keith Jarrett (composer),

Patricia McCarty (viola) with the Fairfield Orchestra conducted by Thomas Crawford


Composed by Keith Jarrett


Recorded: State University of NYC, Purchase, NY, March, 1993


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Keith Jarrett's work as an orchestral composer is documented in a series of releases, including In the Light (1973), Luminessence (1974), Arbour Zena (1975), and The Celestial Hawk (1980). And these exist alongside potent recordings of Jarrett performing Bach, Mozart, Harrison, Hovhaness and Shostakovich in an almost unprecedented move from jazz to classical music at mid-career. One can chart Jarrett's increasing comfort and skill in channeling his musical vision into written scores, and by the time we arrive at Bridge of Light (1990) we have a work that stands comparison with Jarrett's finest jazz music, and does not require his own presence on piano to achieve its sublime effects. The pastoral temperament that infuses much of his piano work rises to the fore here, but is transmuted in shimmering sound colors that sometimes take on an austere neo-medieval cast and elsewhere embrace a rhapsodic immediacy. With an artist so prolific as Jarrett, it is hard to make the claim that he hasn't given us enough music, but I would trade several dozen CDs from my collection for a few more orchestral works of this caliber.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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