Commander Cody: Seven Eleven


Seven Eleven


Commander Cody (piano, vocals)


Doper, Drunks and Everyday Losers (Blind Pig 5128)

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Commander Cody (piano, vocals),

Steve Barbuto (drums), Mark Emerick (guitar), Randy Bramwell (bass, background vocals), Chris “Tiny” Olsen (pedal steel guitar), Professor Louie (keyboards, background vocals), Miss Marie Spinosa (percussion, background vocals)


Recorded: No info given (CD released in 2008)


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Seventy years before this track was released, Benny Goodman and Charlie Christian energized the jazz world with a swinging recording called "Seven Come Eleven"—the title coming form a gambling term well known to casino regulars. Nowadays we get "Seven Eleven" courtesy of Commander Cody, the name of the song coming from a familiar convenience store. But everything is murky these days, and probably more gambling takes place at convenience stores than casinos.

The musical waters are just as mixed up, and Commander Cody (born as George Frayne in Boise back in 1944) pulls in a lot of ingredients when he cooks up this country rock blues. Cody turns 65 this year, but you wouldn't guess it from this song, which wouldn't get much of a reception at an AARP gathering. "Listen everybody, whatta we doin' here? We could down at a Seven-Eleven stealing that beer." But you can't fault this band, which plays with the fervor of punks in search of their first illicit six-pack. Music like this might just keep you young, or maybe it will put you in an early grave. Either way, our intrepid commander will do it in a blaze of glory.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


  • 1 Candis // Jun 18, 2009 at 01:36 AM
    Love this time. Uppity and good feeling !