Herbie Hancock: Jackrabbit




Herbie Hancock (piano)


Inventions and Dimensions (Blue Note CD 9170)

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Herbie Hancock (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Willie Bobo (drums),

Osvaldo “Chihuahua” Martinez (percussion)


Composed by Herbie Hancock


Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, August 30, 1963


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

This track is taken from Inventions and Dimensions, one of Herbie’s earliest recordings as a leader for Blue Note in August, 1963. There’s an introductory four-bar pedal tone, established by Paul Chambers, then sixteen bars of time, with Chambers walking. At the end of the sixteen bars, Chambers picks another pedal tone, then there’s another sixteen bars of time. It’s a very interesting strategy for a tune, because there's neither a written melody nor chord changes. Paul Chambers can choose whatever note he wants to play for the pedal tone, which then dictates the harmony over the next sixteen bars. Herbie plays beautiful, swinging, darting lines throughout this completely improvised yet thoroughly coherent piece, with Willie Bobo on drums and Osvaldo “Chihuahua” Martinez on congas and bongos.

Reviewer: Frank Kimbrough (for Desert Island Dozens)

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