Paul Bley: Dreams




Paul Bley (piano)


Alone, Again (Improvising Artists CD 123840)

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Paul Bley (piano).

Composed by Annette Peacock


Recorded: Oslo, Norway, August 8-9, 1974


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

This tune was composed by Annette Peacock, whose compositions have had a big influence on me. Her tunes are landscapes for improvisation, somehow very meticulous, yet very free—a very difficult balance to find as a composer, and perhaps even more difficult for someone interpreting and improvising on the written material. Paul is one of the most inventive pianists on the planet, and was a mentor to me when I was coming up. Ever the contrarian, he always looks at the other side of the coin. At the time of Alone, Again (1974), he was trying to be “the slowest pianist on the planet,” and on this ballad, he gives us a taste of this concept: slow, lyrical, patient playing that allows the overtones to ring out, creating a piece of exquisite beauty filled with tension and release.

Reviewer: Frank Kimbrough (for Desert Island Dozens)

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