Meri Slaven: Dream Dancing


Dream Dancing


Meri Slaven (vocals)


Dream Dancing

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Meri Slaven (vocals), Dennis Horvath (bass), Scott Gwinnell (piano), Scott Kretzer (drums), Carl Cafagna (tenor sax).

Composed by Cole Porter


Recorded: Clawson, Michigan, 2006


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

This is Cole Porter done right — swinging hard and fast. Charging out of the gate with a confident, flowing sax intro by tenor man Carl Cafagna, Slaven quickly takes command of this fearless, up-tempo arrangement by pianist Scott Gwinnell. Comparisons with the more laid-back Ella Fitzgerald version are inevitable, but Slaven acquits herself admirably with crisp phrasing and a rich vocal timbre that goes down like a belt of 20 year old single-malt scotch.

Itís always a pleasure to hear a crack ensemble cook. There are no surprises, no flash innovations or grandstanding maneuvers — just a bunch of cats backing a lady who obviously knows her craft, all caught in the act of making love to a timeless classic.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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