Daniel Kelly: Obfyor




Daniel Kelly (piano)


Emerge (bjurecords BJUR 006)

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Daniel Kelly (piano),

Chris Tarry (bass), Jordan Perlson (drums)


Composed by Daniel Kelly


Recorded: Brooklyn NY, August 27-28, 2008


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

“Obfyor” takes a direct, organic approach to drum ‘n’ bass, bringing the harmonic finesse of jazz to bear upon it to boot. Tarry and Perlson’s driving pulse continues after a couple of go arounds with the surreptitious theme straight into Kelly’s treacherous solo on the second chord progression as he throws it into overdrive. The intensity lets up but the tempo is retained for a segment where the leader’s probing chords adds more intrigue before gradually returning the original two patterns. But this time, Perlson hyperkinetically solos underneath the piano with destructive force.

Daniel Kelly made up the word “Obfyor” for this song. Likewise, he showed some inventiveness within the song itself.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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