Jean-Luc Ponty: Idiot Bastard Son


Idiot Bastard Son


Jean-Luc Ponty (violin)


King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa (Blue Note 89539)

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Jean-Luc Ponty (violin), George Duke (electric piano), Ian Underwood (tenor saxophone), Buell Neidlinger (bass), Art Tripp (drums).

Composed by Frank Zappa


Recorded: Los Angeles, March 14-15, 1969


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Originally from the Frank Zappa album We're Only In It For the Money, "Idiot Bastard Son" was one of many songs from the album that challenged everything popular during the 1960s from the Conservative political movement to the hippie movement. On his 1969 album, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, who would go on to tour with Zappa in the 1970s, assembled a cast of musicians for this album of Zappa covers (except for "How Would You Like to Have A Head Like That"). Ponty's version is a little more swinging than the original version, as it has much more of a waltz feel.

George Duke steals the show on the entire album including this song. His comping is bright but still subdued but shows that he was a jazz pianist, more than anything. Ponty's violin lines are nice as well, complementing the rhythm section. He shows us on this track why he went on to lead the path for jazz-fusion violin playing in the 1970s.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley


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