Stevie Wonder: Ribbon in the Sky


Ribbon in the Sky


Stevie Wonder (vocals, piano)


Original Musiquariam I (Motown 159364)

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Stevie Wonder (vocals, piano),

Scott Edwards (bass), Dennis Davis (drums)


Composed by Stevie Wonder


Recorded: 1981


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Taken from the greatest hits release Original Musiquarium I, "Ribbon in the Sky" was one of four new songs featured on the album. It features Wonder on acoustic piano and really gives the listener more than just a glimpse into his jazzy side. The mellow vibe of the track aids Wonder's piano solo, which is the best moment of the entire song. Don't get me wrong, Wonder sings his soul out on this one but at times the tune is a bit on the sappy side. This tune was fairly successful in its day, earning a Grammy nomination and peaking in the Billboard top sixty. This is not the best Wonder song ever written but it still provides the listener with all of the ingredients that exalted Stevie to the top of the musical world.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley


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