Robert Fripp: Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday


Robert Fripp (guitar)


Love Cannot Bear (Discipline Global Mobile 552)

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Robert Fripp (guitar).

Composed by Robert Fripp


Recorded: Toronto, April 3, 1983


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Robert Fripp's Love Cannot Bear CD will leave you possessed by the spirit of repetition, but the track "Easter Sunday" boasts a wide range of ideas performed within a brief improvisaton by the King Crimson guitarist.

The cut's running time helps subvert the anonymous, introverted nature of the soundscapes module, which is best heard through headphones because of the details that come to light. While the tape-loop frenzy will seem somewhat cryptic to the average listener, those with the patience to dive into it will hear an axe master at work who controls his instrument and its sounds with absolute divinity.

The recording will leave you in awe and without doubt that the concept employed is properly named "Frippertronics." Dynamic live musical deconstructions were rendered with clarity here, and anyone into sounds from outer space will appreciate what occurs.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary


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