Guilherme Monteiro: Air




Guilherme Monteiro (electric guitar)


Air (bjurecords BJUR 007)

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Guilherme Monteiro (electric guitar), Ben Street (bass),

Jochen Rueckert (drums), Jerome Sebagh (tenor saxophone), Gilmar Gomes (percussion)


Composed by Guilherme Monteiro


Recorded: December 28, 2005


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Ben Street’s inescapable bass line going from one note to a higher octave of the same note and back again forms the basis for this light, Brazilian-flavored tone poem. The main thematic line is undertaken by Sabagh, with Monteiro handling the harmony part; the two are essentially assuming the role of co-lead singers. After the leader spins some warm, cushy notes, a friendly conversation ensues as Monteiro’s guitar and Sabagh’s sax snake around each other.

The overriding appeal of “Air” is not in the mellifluous lines of Monteiro, how well Sebagh compliments him, or the measured execution of the rhythm section. Rather, it’s in the effortless way all of this is achieved.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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