Robert Fripp: Affirmation-New York


Affirmation-New York


Robert Fripp (guitar)


Love Cannot Bear (Discipline Global Mobile 552)

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Robert Fripp (guitar).

Composed by Robert Fripp


Recorded: New York, June 23, 2005


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

The timing of the passages within Robert Fripp's twelve-minute "Affirmation-New York" is just as timely as the train arrivals in the Big Apple, as the scheduled resolves defy the notion of spontaneity. For its duration, the one note that Fripp chooses to sustain never changes, and the effects only grow louder and less varied.

Volume swells that begin towards the middle and dominate the remainder of the track do not enhance what is being improvised much, and even the natural compression that takes place once the music is preserved onto CD erases some of the pitches regardless of where they rest on the decibel scale.

Amidst perceptive audio flaws, the track's content is not interesting enough. This recording does not represent the unplanned nature of what was probably heard from the audience's perspective, and Fripp fans would be well advised to attend a gig (where sonic representation is only limited by the quality of the PA system in the hall).

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary


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