Scott Gwinnell Trio: Where Is Love?


Where is Love?


Scott Gwinnell (piano)


Scott Gwinnell Trio (WSG Records)

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Scott Gwinnell (piano), Kurt Krahnke (bass), Sean Dobbins (drums).

Composed by Lionel Bart


Recorded: Detroit, Michigan, 2006


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

Detroit continues to surprise the world by churning out top-notch jazz artists with remarkable depth and sensitivity, as well as killer chops.† One of the most prolific and active of the Motor Cityís jazzmen is pianist/arranger/bandleader Scott Gwinnell. Much in demand as a sideman and session player, he is currently garnering accolades as the leader of the Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra, which will be featured at the 2009 Detroit International Jazz Festival in September. With this album of energized, lyrical trio recordings, the pianist proves he can hold his own with the big dogs in a more intimate setting.

Not every musician has something to say when it comes to ballads, which require a level of life experience and depth as well as technical maturity; but that is where Gwinnell really shows his mettle.† In a wistful and poignant rendition of the tear-jerking showstopper from the musical Oliver, he lays down layers of emotionally satisfying reharmonization with plenty of space for the tune to breath.† During the piano solo the notes seem suspended in air, lines flow into a lovely blue-tinted swing, with sensitive, empathetic support from Krahnke and Dobbins.† Where is love?† Itís all there in the playing — and in the listening. ††

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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