Stan Getz: I Remember When


I Remember When


Stan Getz (tenor sax)


Focus (Verve)

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Stan Getz (tenor sax), Alan Martin (violin), Gerald Tarack (violin), Norman Carr (violin), Bruce Rogers (cello), John Neves (bass).

Conducted by Hershy Kay. Composed by Eddie Sauter


Recorded: New York, 1961


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

From the opening bar of “I’m Late, I’m Late,” you knew you were listening to something very special.  Focus, the 1961 breakthrough Third Stream collaboration between composer Eddie Sauter and Stan Getz, marked a striking departure from the tenor titan’s bossa nova and cool sessions. The vibrancy of the original recording has been lovingly preserved in this must-have CD reissue, which faithfully recaptures the unmistakable velvet timbre of Getz’s Selmer.  The concept was ambitious and fearless: to create a suite of tone poems over which Getz would improvise, without any prior exposure — and without any written sax melody to follow.  The results were breathtaking.

“I Remember When” is a Debussy-like dreamscape where dusky tenor phrases waft through an enchanted orchestral forest, chased by random gusts of strings and harp.  Stan Getz is at the top of his form, blowing effortless, perfectly sculpted lines over the languid, impressionistic framework. This is the art of improvisation at its best, cliché-free, inspired and cerebral — and it offers a unique glimpse into the depths of a brilliant and complicated jazzman’s soul.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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