Clifford Brown: Come Rain Or Come Shine


Come Rain Or Come Shine


Clifford Brown (trumpet)


The Complete Paris Sessions, Volume 3 (Vogue 74321154632)

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Clifford Brown (trumpet),

Henri Renaud (piano), Pierre Michelot (bass), Benny Bennett (drums)


Composed by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer


Recorded: Paris, October 15, 1953


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Recorded right before he left Paris with the Lionel Hampton band, this impromptu session was a rare opportunity for Clifford Brown to perform in a quartet setting. This relaxed version of “Come Rain Or Come Shine” was made near the end of the session, and the trumpeter, who was the only soloist throughout the session, was showing signs of lip fatigue. Yet the ideas were flowing as fast as ever, and Clifford created an amazing collection of beautiful lines on this take. (This is the longer second take, designed for 10” LPs rather than for 78 singles.) He starts his solo with a handful of short phrases before launching into a long run that takes him through the middle and upper registers of the horn. Next, he combines the two approaches with a long run based on a repeated short idea. He continues to use this concept throughout the recording and although the actual motives change as the solo progresses, the concept unifies the entire solo. And all this from a 22-year old musician! In the 32 months that remained in his career, Clifford Brown’s tone would become richer, his ideas even more creative and his endurance legendary. Still the promise of Clifford’s future greatness appears in this casual recording session.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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