Borah Bergman and Roscoe Mitchell: Riding the Crest


Riding the Crest


Borah Bergman and Roscoe Mitchell


The Italian Concert (Soul Note 121342)

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Borah Bergman (piano), Roscoe Mitchell (soprano sax).

Composed by Borah Bergman and Roscoe Mitchell


Recorded: Bolzano, June 30, 1995


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

"Riding the Crest" is fraught with drama. The ambidextrous free jazz pianist Borah Bergman plays extremely fast and convoluted melodic lines in each hand—often in opposition to one another—while soprano saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell adds his still more streams of linear complexity on top. Mitchell employs circular breathing and Bergman needn't take a breath in any case. Consequently, the resultant music is a tempest of swirling textures without pause. Both men are well capable of understatement, but there's none of that here. This performance represents both at their virtuosic peaks, creating music defined by the extraordinarily swift manner in which they present an abundance of ideas, as well as the ferociousness of their delivery.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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