Damon Zick: Hector, Desmond and Titus


Hector, Desmond and Titus


Damon Zick (tenor sax)


Los Angeles Jazz Collective Sampler Vol. 1

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Damon Zick (tenor sax), Tim Albright (trombone), Adam Benjamin (piano), Evan Conway (bass), Nate Wood (drums).

Composed by Damon Zick


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Saxophonist/composer Damon Zick allows this composition to develop by holding back on the horns early on and allowing pianist Adam Benjamin to tease out the harmonic structure. It's what sets “Hector, Desmond, and Titus” apart from the normal head/solos/head kind of thing. Tension slowly builds as Benjamin and drummer Nate Wood set down a few chords and arpeggios, making them solidify just before the sax and trombone kick in. It's seems like a musical unveiling.

The head splits into two parts, the first segment with a fast-moving “Night In Tunisia” vibe. The second, a descending tumble of lines. It's a perfect setup for the segues into solos. It's tough to pick a favorite solo here, mostly because my ears are really partial to the trombone. But still, the nod has to go to Zick, who takes great liberties with time, stretching ideas across bar lines and generally pushing the energy level quite high - so much so that when the head reappears, it seems almost sad because you know the song is about to end. Great stuff.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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