Dave Tull: I Just Want To Get Paid


I Just Want To Get Paid


Dave Tull (drums, vocals)


I Just Want To Get Paid (Toy Car 110)

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Dave Tull (drums, vocals),

Steve Huffsteter, Pete DeSiena (trumpets), Les Benedict (trombone), Doug Webb (saxes), Corey Allen (Piano, keyboards), Tom McCauley (guitar), Kevin Axt (bass).


Composed and arranged by Dave Tull.


Recorded: Valley Village, CA, June 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Why do musicians typically have great senses of humor? Because they have to! Jazz and comedy have a number of parallels including; truth, timing, rhythm, innuendo, improvisation, surprise, coincidence, sarcasm, satire, and irony. Several of these elements are developed in this dynamic big band track. In the spirit of Jack Sheldon, Dave adds another layer to the art of jazz satire with an all too common scenario for musicians. Dave’s polished arrangement makes this peeve a little easier to take. Corey Allen sets up a bluesy gospel opener as Dave lays down the premise. A “2, 3, 4...” brings in the hard-hitting horn section and solid Tull & Axt rhythm section. Dave gets in a few more one-liners before Doug Webb’s killin’ solo. Corey’s perfectly timed Basie-style piano innuendos add even more attitude to the atmosphere. A bit of Joe Williams’ influence is evident in Dave’s full voice range, feel, and phrasing, but Dave is no imitator, the payoff is that he’s a world class drummer, vocalist, composer, and rare find. Fortunately, a musician friend hipped me to Dave, and within 10 seconds of hearing this track on youtube, I gladly paid Dave for his CD and it was worth every cent.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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