Daniela Schächter: Purple Butterfly


Purple Butterfly


Daniela Schächter (vocals, piano, Rhodes)


Purple Butterfly

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Daniela Schächter (vocals, piano, Rhodes), Alex Sipiagin (trumpet, flugelhorn), Joel Frahm (tenor sax), Massimo Biolcati (bass), Quincy Davis (drums).

Composed by Daniela Schächter


Recorded: Michael Brorby Studio, New York City, June 22, 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Purple Butterfly" surprises the ear right from the outset. As an introduction to the composition's vocal sections, Massimo Biolcati lays down a jaunty and quite angular bass vamp that get the listener in a 'modern' mood. But then Schächter comes in with her beautiful voice and romatic themes. It's quite an unexpected shift. As the song progresses, subsequent instrumental turns remain inside that framework, though Alex Spiagin's trumpet solo almost takes us 'out' for a bit.

It's great to hear some jazz vocals that attempt to breath new life into the genre. Patricia Barber is undoubted the leader in this respect, but it looks like she may have some company.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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