Gabriel Espinosa: Nuevos Horizontes


Nuevos Horizontes


Gabriel Espinosa (bass, vocals)


From Yucatan To Rio (Zoho 2000907)

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Gabriel Espinosa (bass, vocals),

Claudio Roditi (trumpet, flugelhorn), Anat Cohen (clarinet), George Robert (alto sax), Helio Alves (piano, keyboards), Antonio Sanchez (drums), Dende (percussion)


Composed by Gabriel Espinosa


Recorded: Brooklyn , NY, November 2008


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

The music of Gabriel Espinosa is infused with the light and uplifting sounds of Brazil. On “Nuevos Horizontes”, Espinosa makes especially fine use of the melodic sounds of the two reeds and Roditi’s warm flugelhorn. In concert, they create his musical statement of expectancy and hope. Cohen does a particularly nice turn with her mellow and darting clarinet sound on this 6/8 piece that Espinosa identifies as typical of the South American style called “jarana”. The piece swells with joy as Robert takes his turn on alto and the mix of the variously timbered voices of clarinet, flugelhorn and alto combine in unified harmony. Sanchez keeps everything on track with his ever delicate but spirited playing, especially during Alves’ piano solo. Espinosa identifies this song as the harbinger for things to come in his music; his new horizons. Keep your eyes open for more from this joyful composer/arranger.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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