Nicolas Thys: Virgo




Nicolas Thys (bass)


Virgo (Pirouet 3038)

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Nicolas Thys (bass),

Chris Cheek (saxophone), Jon Cowherd (piano), Ryan Scott (guitar), Dan Rieser (drums)


Composed by Nicolas Thys


Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May 2008


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Starting in a deliberately languishing way, Chris Cheek and Ryan Scott play the opening of "Virgo" with harmonious interplay. Bassist and composer Thys is content to take on an almost veiled role during the proceedings, occasionally punctuating a sustained bass note at precise moments of calm. He relies on the voicings of Cheek and Scott to dominate the musical statement over the steady low-keyed rhythms created with his section partners Rieser and Cowherd. Creek is especially effective when the music stops abruptly and his breathy sustained tone is heard trailing off to silence. After playing predominantly floating chords for the first half of the piece, Scott adds some searing funk/rock oriented guitar licks that seem to add a welcome bite and a surprising sense of drama to the tone of the piece before it trails off into its faded reprise.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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