The Loudhorns: Give It One


Give It One


The Loudhorns


One For Maynard (Loud Conversation Pieces LCP-5428)

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Steve Partick (trumpet), Vinnie Ciesielski (trumpet), Mike Castell (trumpet), Erin Horner (French horn), Barry Green (trombone), Roy Agee (trombone), Joe Murphy (tuba), Ron Gilmore (keyboards), Adam Agati (guitar), Tony Nagy (bass), Jason Waters (drums)


Composed by Maynard Ferguson and Alan Downey


Recorded: Nashville, May 19-23 2008


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

A band fronted by seven of the top Nashville horn session players, The Loudhorns salute a time in the late sixties and early seventies when buckets of brass were heaped onto pop and rock. That was the era of Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago Transit Authority and the Hawaii Five-O theme song. And no other single artist pioneered, promoted and epitomized the marriage of brass with contemporary music more than Maynard Ferguson.

The first cut from The Loudhorns’ Ferguson tribute CD One For Maynard is not a pop cover like the ones the late trumpeter loved to do, but one written by Maynard himself. “Give It One” is true to the spirit, with horns careening nearly off course around the Waters’ fast-paced tempo. The charts are rhythmically charged, and to no surprise for anyone who knows the name of this band, loud. Murphy and then Patrick serve up solos, but they’re brief; the ensemble performance by all horn players is the feature attraction. As the “high lead trumpet,” it’s clear that Patrick is playing the Maynard role, though. His over-the-top, hot blowing does the old master proud, standing out clearly above everyone else.

“Give It One” even ends with a layered ascending chord figure strikingly similar to the ending of “Hawaii Five-O.” The vision of those forty-foot waves that used to accompany the theme song is an apt metaphor for the thundering cascade of The Loudhorns’ brass.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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